My Shocking His Secret Obsession Review

In writing this review, my goal is to help you decide whether the His Secret Obsession program is worth investing effort and time. You can go to the main site to get it here:

I purchased this program as soon as it was available. I knew about this through an email I received through a promotion on one of the women’s blogs I subscribe to. When I read the email, I laughed at first, having no intention of responding. What happened next surprised even me. This is how it all started.

First Section of this His Secret Obsession Review – Do These Methods Only Work for One Kind of Woman?

Since I started using the His Secret Obsession program, this is the question I have heard the most. According to the creators of the program, all preliminary reports indicate that a wide array of women have been experiencing great results using the program. James Bauer even explains that physical beauty is only the third most important qualification on the list of qualifications most men have for finding a mate. This came as much a surprise to me as it probably does to you!

To put it a different way, studies have shown that having a certain personality trait, dress size, or breast size has no effect on the success women experience using this program. Women who possess traits traditionally seen as giving them an advantage in the dating world get the exact same results with this program as any other woman who uses it.

Internationally-renowned relationship expert James Bauer and James Bauer have teamed up to make the amazing new “His Secret Obsession and Make Him Love You Forever” program, recently released in 2013. Since then, the program has quickly climbed to the top of the bestseller list.

The creation of this powerful, unique product was inspired by closely-guarded secrets that Claire share with Michael about “six subtle forces driving men from the inside.”

Women lucky enough to be in the dating world when “breakthrough” information comes along know that there is information that comes along once in a blue moon that entirely changes everything. For me, this was one of those game-changing breakthroughs. I believe this revolutionary program is finally what will give women a definite advantage over the men they want to date.

What are the famous “Three Steps Guaranteeing the Capture of His Heart?”

1. You don’t need him, so make him KNOW it.

All relationship experts will advise their clients that being “needy” will kill any relationship. No relationship can grow and sustain health when one person needs their partner more than the other. Unfortunately, this is a typical behavior seen in women in relationships. Claire’s methodology for eliminating needy behaviors are extremely effective.

2. Plant future “seeds” in men’s minds before they even realize it

Most men are content with the status quo. Men are often heavily reluctant to commit to a relationship out of fear, and are happy to keep things the way they are for months, and even years. Men rarely consider the future of their relationship while dating as much as their partners do. Clair’s method of turning those tables is really something amazing.

3. Make him think that “pursuing” you was his idea, making him desperate to commit

Usually, when presented with a man’s lack of commitment, women will present ultimatums. Rarely does this tactic win the desired outcome for the woman. On the contrary, it usually backfires horribly, resulting inevitably in a break up. Claire’s program puts an interesting spin on how to change a man’s thinking to make him chase you, begging you to commit to the relationship.

What Other Useful Techniques Does This Program Reveal?

  1. The Hunter Principle – Important to every man, it must be handled carefully
  2. The Gateway Method – Getting a man to approach you and initiate contact
  3. The Lighthouse Technique – How to stand out in a room, making every man focus entirely on you
  4. The Bigger Fish Method – How to repel undesirable “un-date-able” men, discouraging them to even try to approach you
  5. Ten Simple Questions – How to tell if a man is worth your time by easily getting the answers you are looking for

What are the Cons of the “His Secret Obsession” Program?

To achieve the desired level of effectiveness, it is probably necessary to read through the program several different times. It is just too simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy.

The hardest part of the program is to make sure you practice and gain experience, despite your possible fear of entering the next phase of your life.

The product also offers access to the website and all of its content, which means you won’t have a hard copy unless you print one for yourself. You will be able to download and read or print a copy after purchasing.

Is His Secret Obsession Good Enough to Buy?

Through his writing, James Bauer talks to readers bluntly and honestly. He will help you see the way to create better relationships and see what you have been doing wrong in your previous dating experiences. You will understand how to capture men’s hearts in ways you never knew about before, with a step by step outline that is easy to follow.

I fully recommend using “His Secret Obsession”. Whether you are trying to attract or keep the man of your dreams, every woman needs to read this. It is worth every penny.